Level sensor for continuous level measurement (especially for non-conductive media)

Capacitive level sensor 212KN.0.

For non-conductive media (coaxial)


The capacitive level sensor is used for level measurement of fuels and oils (non-conductive media). In addition, it can be used for tank monitoring in the process industry and automotive engineering sector.

Maximum measurement resolution is achieved with this level sensor. Thanks to having no moving parts the level sensor is wear free and therefore maintenance free.

  • Capacitive level measurement
  • Mounting thread G 2"
  • Pipe length up to 2000 mm
  • Material: PVC (mounting head), stainless steel (probe)
  • Current or voltage output available
  • Highest measurement resolution
  • Temperature range from -20 °C to +80 °C
  • IP65 protection class
212KN.00 Product finder
operating voltage 12-30 V DC
output signal 1-5 V
protection class IP 65
material* PVC / PA / Viton / PP / stainless steel
temperature range -20+80C
linearity ≤ 2%
repeatability ≤ 1%
current consumption (mA) min 8,0 / max 8,5
remarks reverse connection protected/short circuitproof
recommended display/level control units any with analogue input
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