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Location of failure detection
Goods incoming control Prototype 0 kilometer
Assembly Line Failure on test Field parts
Function check Goods outgoing control

Electrical Problems
No Signal Signal decrease or increase Changed signal
Wrong output signal Infrequent signal
electrical overload

Mechanical Problem
Rough moving Not possible to assemble Components are missing
Not to move Leaky
Geometry not correct

Optical Problem
Scratches Colour
Wrong label No Label

Application Site
In a medium/liquid - Indoor/cabine Outdoors
Set out to dust Set out to moisture

Detail description
Failure at temperature? Yes No Temperature range
Have the input signals to the elobau product been measured? Yes No Value of the signals
Are signal-peaks possible (For example Power on/ Power off)? Yes No Value of the signals
Is the ESD-Protection (Electrostatic discharge) ensured over the whole process? Yes No
Have other components in the switching circuit been exchanged? Yes No Which components
Failure description - in the assembled condition
Failure description - testing as a single componente


The defective goods must be returned carriage paid!


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The claim form must be filled out completely. Missing informations will cause longer handling time or rejection of the claim.

For warranted claims we will charge the cost of part(s) only. Generally we will not accept mechanically damaged or electrically overloaded parts. Unless otherwise noted, rejected parts will be stored for 4 weeks upon date of investigation and scraped accordingly without further information.


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