Heavy duty joystick base for top mount J4

The angular operating range is ± 20°(± 15°). The operating principle is noncontacting: – analogue: rotating magnetic field over hall-sensor – discrete output: Reed technique Short circuit-proof with analogue version (short circuit duration: unlimited). J4 and J5 have a 6/8/10 or 12 PIN Molex 5557 connector. The electronic housing for CAN or PWM signals is fitted with an AMP 040 Multi-lock 8-pin connector. Alternatives on request. Forces on request. The static loading capacity (max. 190 mm from the point of rotation) is 2000 N in the x and y axis, and 700 N in the z axis. Lifetime of 8x106 operations corresponds to 2x106 elobau test cycles

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Available CAN protocols

CANopen availableSAE J1939 available

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operating voltage
output signal
current consumption
load resistance
centre position
switching voltage
switching current
switching power
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CAN-Bus and PWM signals
reverse connection protected yes
temperature range -25..+85C with push button switches
-40...+85C without push button switches
protection class electronics IP67
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